You can use the Unreal Engine for VR, Unity3D, CryEngine V or try the new cross-hardware platform Khronos. If you want to create 3D Worlds, Blender might be a good pick.


Did you know we have a Unity model of Stratumseind in Eindhoven? The website TF3DM contains a large collection of 3D Models in various formats. A lot of Blender models can also be found at Are you considering using MineCraft? VR is supported via a mod. You can even wonder through virtual Netherlands!


We have a variety of VR tools available at the Hackaton. Of course you can also bring your own.

* If you want to use the Hololens user we advise you to download the software before the hackaton. You can download required software from the Hololens website. Downloading can be time consuming!