These challenges are summaries of what will be presented and explained by experts during the hackathon. Also more information, data and links will be available. Want to start preparing already? Let us know!

1. Free Hilde from being and feeling lonely

Hilde is 23 years old. Unlike many other young women, she never goes out. She is stuck in her life. Or rather, stuck in her body. Hilde is physically challenged. She has trouble seeing, hearing and walking.

There is nothing wrong with her wit, but that hardly helps her. She knows that there is a world out there to explore, with possible new friends and contacts. But how can she get there and how will she cope?

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2. Joshua’s last wish

Children are full of fantasy, everything is possible within their minds. Joshua is nine years old and now and than he dreams of being old. But that’s not going to happen. Joshua’s time is running out.

Foundations like Make A Wish helps children like Joshua. They are taken for an ambulance ride or a helicopter flight. That is a bridge too far for Joshua, he cannot leave his bed.

What travel could he still make and how would that work?

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3. How to switch off Tammo’s head

It’s not just his parents, teacher and friends that are getting tired of Tammo. He himself is struggling with his ADHD, too.

Yes, there’s medicine for this. But the less pills, the better. How can VR or AR be applied for Tammo?

And if your solution worked for him, could that be a remedy for all those people who sometimes want to flee from today’s hustle and bustle?


4. Healthy living, a child can do it. Or?

Modern day children are lacking in exercise, physical play. They are paralyzed by Netflix, YouTube and Instagram.

That’s what children of a few Amsterdam schools want to fight against. Children in the age 11 and 12 came up with ideas to mobilize their in-active counterparts: playing, looking after elderly people, learning to cook healthy.

These ideas are your food for thought: raise it to a higher level.

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5. Living apart Together: ‘verFRITS je dag’

Modern day people live clotted together, in packed cities. Plus: we spend our days commenting each other on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. And here’s the rub: lots of people feel lost in this abundance of ‘contacts’.

Is there a way to increase real interaction in a city like Eindhoven?

In search for an answer to that answer, lots and lots of ideas for online of offline solutions have already been floated. And not with very great success. To make a society really social, that’s the quest in the challenge ‘verFRITS je dag’ (reFRITS your day).

As a guidance, gaming techniques will be used to crack this nut: playfully boosting the strength in local communities and giving ‘ambassadors’ a leading role.

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6. Fire Away

Fire is always a dangerous situation, but vulnerable people run double risks. They don’t react well, are not very good at get themselves safe. How can we, through for example their care takers or helping family, empower them? But by doing so, we shouldn’t put all the burden on these helpers. Here’s the problem. Fire away!


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